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Saturday 23 May 2015 5:23 PM


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Weather in Slough

15:06 Mon 13 Apr 2015
Spring Heatwave: Seven simple steps to help keep dogs safe as the temperature rises As forecasters predict we are heading for a spring heatwave, vets are warning that pets can struggle as the temperature rises. Dog owners should take extra care to keep their pets healthy and happy in
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14:30 Mon 02 Feb 2015
Snow Snow could be set to hit Berkshire and Buckinghamshire on Wednesday after the Met Office issued a yellow alert for snow. The 'be aware' warning is in place across the region between 12.05am and
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11:26 Mon 12 Jan 2015
Weather rain Weather warnings have been issued for the South-east of England as Berkshire and Buckinghamshire prepare from strong winds and heavy rain this week. The Met Office has issued a yellow 'be aware' warning for rain
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13:20 Wed 04 Feb 2015
Pictures of the Windsor in the snow A Met Office warning of possible snow and ice across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire has been put in place until tomorrow. The yellow warning will be in place from 6pm tonight until 11.55pm tomorrow (Thursday),
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11:39 Thu 29 Jan 2015
spt-york-road-snow A Met Office 'be aware' yellow warning has been issued across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire for snow and ice today and tomorrow. The warning states that showers falling this afternoon are expected to fall increasingly as
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12:30 Fri 09 Jan 2015
Maidenhead cold weather A University of Reading meteorologist says 2014 was one of the warmest and wettest years on record in the town. Dr Roger Brugge's observations found that August was the only month cooler than normal in
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