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Monday 26 January 2015 6:23 PM
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15:13 Mon 26 Jan 2015
Bucket bags and saddle bags It's been a little while since we have done any fashion news, so I will now welcome you to Fashion Mondays! Giving you a little lift at the start of the week you can catch
11:14 Thu 22 Jan 2015
Opinion: Advice to feline readers on how to train a human * Geraldine Tattersall is 'unavailable' this week My name is Myrtle. I am a young cat and as my human is unavailable, I thought I would take the opportunity to outline how us felines should
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15:43 Thu 15 Jan 2015
Jim Taylor JE SUIS Charlie. Writing about anything else would be wrong after the terrorist atrocities in Paris last week. Thank your lucky stars I can't draw. My previously planned column on breaking New Year resolutions, with
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09:16 Fri 23 Jan 2015
Winter snow pic The cold weather of winter shows no sign of leaving us any time soon and it's important to make sure your skin care regime doesn't slip up. Cold wind and air can be really drying,
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09:47 Fri 16 Jan 2015
Diets don't work: Five Fitness Myths Our Diets don't work blog is by Ascot-based personal trainer Adam Atkinson. He will be offering health and fitness advice on our websites each month. Most people's new year's resolutions have fallen by the wayside
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14:01 Thu 08 Jan 2015
How to ensure a New Year keep-fit regime doesn't fizzle out at the end of the month It's January and everyone knows what January means - a lot of us want to get fit, whatever this term means to us, writes Maidenhead-based personal trainer Greg Mikolap. We set a goal, a deadline,
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