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Wednesday 30 July 2014 4:01 PM
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14:09 Mon 28 Jul 2014
Heather Watson and Walter Following on from my last blog post, I have had a few enquires regarding the use of dog crates/cages. The word crate or cage, and the look of them, often put people off from seeing
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13:50 Thu 17 Jul 2014
Diets don't work: Why strength training and lean muscle is the key to weight loss Our Diets don't work blog is by Ascot-based personal trainer Adam Atkinson. He will be offering health and fitness advice on our websites each month. When starting an exercise routine most people will start with
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10:14 Thu 03 Jul 2014
Helen MacDonald Though I care about the environment I'm not an extreme 'ecowarrior', but litter louts do infuriate me. They're just so selfish and lazy! Why do they think they can discard their unwanted rubbish wherever they
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11:23 Thu 24 Jul 2014
Vanessa Woolley I was absolutely delighted this week to read that gardeners should cut their grass less often to help bees and other pollinators. Apparently if a lawn is cut too closely, it kills the flowering plants
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10:39 Thu 17 Jul 2014
Jane Barker LAST weekend my husband took part in the Boulters to Bray swim. Despite Boulters Lock being very close to my heart as I grew up there, I didn't feel drawn to dragging myself out of
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12:14 Mon 30 Jun 2014
Geraldine Tattersall One rainy February night I heard a pitiful wailing coming from outside our flat. As I approached the source of the sound I found a distressed, downcast kitten. Taking him inside I warmed him up,
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