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10:09 Saturday 31 December 2011  Written by Nick Mayo

Prostitution problem continues with new Romanian girls every week

The continuing influx of Romanian prostitutes and new legislation are making it increasingly difficult to stop the problem of sex for cash in Chalvey, police have said.

In his December update neighbourhood specialist officer PC Nick Bond said new women from the eastern European country are appearing 'every week'.

Unlike many other working girls, they are not selling their bodies to feed a drugs habit which means 'intervention' and support to wean them off hard drugs is not an option.

"They are coming here purely to make money. The only leverage is enforcement," said PC Bond.

But new rules on making arrests are making it tougher to police the problem.

Previous legislation meant girls could be arrested if caught touting for trade three times in a year.

But the system has now changed to a three-month window, making it increasingly difficult to get them off the streets.

He has written to the Home Office and Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart with his concerns.

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