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09:00 Friday 19 April 2013  Written by Philip Dewey

Bail conditions left a man feeling like he was 'dying'

Imran Javeed, 37, was unable to go back to his home for 10 months.
Imran Javeed, 37, was unable to go back to his home for 10 months.

Bail conditions placed on a man which stopped him going home for 10 months made him feel like 'dying'.

Imran Javeed, 37, of Mead Close, Langley, was arrested on May 26 last year after an argument with his neighbour and was charged with a public disorder offence.

He was later found not guilty of the charge at a trial in Maidenhead Magistrates Court on March 12 - 290 days after he was remanded on bail.

But bail conditions meant he could not return to his home at any point before the trial, which Mr Javeed said lost him his job, his girlfriend and his savings.

Mr Javeed said: "It was a real low point in my life and I was made to feel like I had to prove myself not guilty rather than having to be proved guilty.

"As a result of the bail conditions I lost my girlfriend, my job and £7,000 of my savings."

The former surveyor, who slept on his mother's sofa in Isleworth, Hounslow, during the time he was banned from going home, was initially due to appear in court in October but his trial was double booked and was rescheduled for February.

The pre-trial hearing was heard in February and the trial was originally scheduled for April 11 at Reading Magistrates Court but was brought forward to March after a complaint was made by Mr Javeed.

The former London South Bank University student said: "My health deteriorated dramatically and I started taking anti-depressants.

"I felt like dying because I had nothing and I was homeless. I have lost faith in the police and I feel psychologically harmed as a result of this ordeal."

Mr Javeed has made an official complaint to Thames Valley Police's professional standards department and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and is in the process of making a complaint to the Crown Prosecution Service.

A spokesman from Thames Valley Police said a complaint had been received and was being investigated.

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