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09:21 Thursday 23 May 2013  Written by Nick Mayo

'Daughters will achieve success at new Slough Muslim school'

Approval of Muslim free school welcomedNews that a new free school has been given the go ahead in Slough has been welcomed.

The Slough Girls’ Leadership Academy will be a new secondary school with 700 places, including a sixth form, and is set to open in September 2015.

Parent Ammarah Sadiq said: "We know that there are more career opportunities in Slough than in many areas but our high aspirations for our children do not seem to happen in reality. 

"We want our daughters to achieve success, to become top business executives and directors, but there seems to be many obstacles in their way.  

"We are celebrating that the Government has given its backing for the Slough Girls’ Leadership Academy, which will provide the education that we want for our daughters."

Community group member Dr Zubair Abbas said: "The school’s specialisms of leadership and big society reflect the aspirations of local families.

"We know that opportunities are very limited for young people at the moment. On top of this, women from our communities in particular are under-represented in the professions and in the boardrooms of businesses.  

"We believe that this new free school will give its students the confidence and qualifications to compete for the top jobs and leadership positions. The curriculum they will follow – with strong role models coming in to the academy - will also encourage them to become tomorrow’s civic and community leaders.

"The Big Society specialism is also important to Slough. We want all of the town’s communities to be part of its success, and the community service that pupils at the school will undertake will promote harmonious relations and develop a culture of active citizenship and social responsibility."

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