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11:54 Monday 18 March 2013  Written by Nick Mayo

Jail for 22-year-old who wanted to clear drug debts

Sam Lynch
Sam Lynch

A recovering drug addict who allowed his bank account to be used by criminals he owed debts to has been jailed.

Sam Lynch, from Pennine Road, Slough, got a 20-month jail sentence at Reading Crown Court on Friday.

Victim Mark Walton had several unauthorised cheque withdrawals from his HBOS bank account in October 2011 and on eight occasions money went into Lynch's account, totalling £10,067.

The court heard that Lynch, 22, who was on crutches in the dock, wanted to clear drug debts as he feared for his life and his family so let people use his bank account and credit card.

But he would not give any details of who the people were.

Sophia Wood, defending, said her client 'was being hounded by certain individuals'.

She said Lynch had a 'crippling and very serious' class A drugs habit and was taking lots of crack cocaine and smoking considerable amounts of cannabis, which led to his offending.

Since being sentenced for a burglary in 2010, he had stayed away from drugs and when released started studying construction at East Berkshire College and worked first collecting scrap metal and then as a leaflet distributor.

But he had struggled to leave his drug debts behind.

Lynch pleaded guilty on February 19.

The court heard he had a large number of previous convictions including for dishonesty, burglary, criminal damage and theft.

Recorder Alexandra Healy QC said: "Enabling others to launder the proceeds of crime through your bank account is a very serious offence."

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