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15:51 Thursday 14 March 2013  Written by Nick Mayo

Jail for drug dealing twins who stored drugs in family home

Nabil Aslam: Drug Dealer
Nabil Aslam

Twins from Slough have been jailed after a drugs raid at their family home, where their eight-year-old brother also lived. 

Drug dealer Nabil Aslam got a three and a half year sentence at Reading Crown Court on Monday.

His brother Rohil, who had moved Nabil's stash of drugs on one occasion to hide them from his mother, got nine months.

The duo, both 22, were arrested during a raid at their home in Court Farm Close on December 8.

The court heard Rohil was found on the top floor, while Nabil was outside having jumped out of a window onto a flat roof and then down into the garden, before realising escape was futile.

On top of the flat roof, a total of 62 wraps of drugs were found - five cocaine and 57 heroin, with a street value of about £1,200.

A small amount of cannabis, as well as digital scales and empty deal bags were also found.

Nabil, who pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply, and possession of cannabis, admitted he had been dealing on a commercial basis for about three months.

The court heard Nabil was trying to raise £10,000 to set up a gym business.

Martin Hooper, defending, said it was a 'foolish foray into drugs to make money with that ambition in mind'.

He told the court that Nabil had been dependent on cannabis since the age of 14 and used cocaine since he was 18. Mr Hooper said Rohil had simply acted 'on one occasion out of foolish loyalty to his twin brother' when he hid the drugs.

Recorder Deanna Heer said they were 'serious offences' as drugs led to misery for addicts, their families and people who are victims of crimes that addicts carry out to feed their addiction.

She told Nabil his offences were made more serious because he 'had a small child [his eight-year-old brother] living in the premises where you chose to deal'.

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