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12:18 Friday 03 August 2012  Written by Nick Mayo

Jail for thug who beat a dog with fence post

Crown Court A vicious thug who beat a dog so badly it had to be put down has been jailed for 16 months.

Pet basher Arfan Bashir, of Wellesley Road, Slough, was sentenced for affray and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at Reading Crown Court.

The 29-year-old who has more than 30 aliases and several birth dates beat the American Bulldog/Staffordshire Bull Terrier-cross called Cyrus repeatedly with a fence post, even when it was lying bleeding and unresponsive on the ground.

Despite being taken to a nearby vet's, it had to be put down.

Judge Simon Davis said the defendant had 'unleashed his anger on the dog and killed it'.

He told Bashir: "You have in excess of 30 aliases and an number of birth dates which is extraordinary.

"You only need one of each. There can only be some sinister reason for you having all these aliases."

A fight had broken out in Lascelles Park on March 29, between two groups - one including Bashir, who was one of the instigators, and another including the two brothers who owned the pet - with stones and bottles thrown.

It broke up after police sirens were heard but later Bashir returned to the park with the wooden fence post and first attacked one of the brothers before turning his attention to the dog.

Bashir was arrested the same day, having himself been found unconscious outside the park.

His last memory before waking up in hospital was something hitting him on his head.

He told police he had been drinking in the park with his brother and cousin.

Martin Hawks, defending, told the court his client was 'ashamed' of his conduct.

Bashir, who pleaded guilty, was on licence following an 18 month sentence for ABH.

He was disqualified from owning any pet for 10 years. He was sentenced on Thursday last week.

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