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16:31 Wednesday 26 September 2012  Written by Philip Dewey

New £6m centre is opened at Mars in Slough

Geoff Byant, head of innovation at Mars, welcomes Michael Fallon MP
Geoff Byant, head of innovation at Mars, welcomes Michael Fallon MP

Birthday celebrations were held at Mars Chocolate UK with the opening of a new research and development facility by the minister for business and enterprise.

Michael Fallon MP visted the company based in the Slough Trading Estate on yesterday to open the £6m centre which marked Mars Chocolate's 80th birthday.

The minister embarked on a tour of the factory before unveiling the new centre at an event attended by Fiona Mactaggart MP and the Mayor of Slough, Cllr Chrissy Small.

The new facility features state of the art kitchens and laboratories as well as a pilot production line where new product developments will be test-manufactured on a global scale. Its introduction means that Mars Chocolate now has the largest research facility in Europe.

Speaking at the unveiling, Mr Fallon said: "This new centre of excellence will attract world class expertise and be a considerable economic benefit to the local area.

"It also provides further proof this country and our manufacturing base is worth investing in. Innovation at this factory in Slough will be central to the future success of Mars.

"Slough has benefited from Mars Chocolate's presence here and the country has benefited as a whole so I look forward to the next 80 years of their existence."

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