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07:55 Friday 28 February 2014  Written by Paul Miles

Prostitution still rife in Slough

Efforts to reduce the levels of prostitution in Slough are continuing.

Recent changes to legislation have led to an increasing number of Romanian working girls coming to town.

This month alone, 11 have started working in Slough with the main problem areas being Montem Lane and Ledgers Road.

Community safety manager at Slough Borough Council, Louise Asby, said: "They are not doing it out of desperation, they are doing it because they want to make money."

An estimated eight British girls are also thought to be working in the town.

Regular patrols in problems areas are being carried out by police to tackle the problem.

"It tends to be dotted around a lot more now because they know where the cameras are and where the police patrols are, so that is why we need people to report them," added Louise.

A £35k investment by the Drugs and Alcohol Action Team has also led to a female outreach worker being employed to address the needs of prostitutes.

"The idea of that was to get someone out on the streets and engage with them," added Louise.

"It is about getting out there and gaining their trust."

The issue was set to be discussed by the council's neighbourhoods and community services scrutiny panel at a meeting at Chalvey Community Centre yesterday.

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