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07:14 Friday 14 December 2012  Written by Philip Dewey

Slough's top cop: 'There is no EDL march'

Richard Humphrey
Supt Richard Humphrey has said there is no planned EDL march in Slough.

'There is no planned EDL activity in Slough.'

This was the clear message from Slough's top cop after rumours abounded this week about a planned protest by the English Defence League (EDL) in the town.

The supposed plan was leaked on whistle-blower website EDL news, which says it 'exposes' EDL activity.

It said the 'meeting' is thought to be part of a series of New Year demonstrations across the country in Slough, Cambridge, Manchester and Newcastle.

The website stated that the demonstration will see the EDL invite other far-right groups to join them, after they cancelled a planned demonstration in the borough last year.

When the league organises protests it has to contact both the local authority and police force before it goes ahead.

Superintendent Richard Humphrey, Slough LPA commander, said: "I can categorically state that Thames Valley Police and Slough Borough Council have had no contact from the EDL.

"The information out there has been anonymously sourced and is not true."

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