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10:22 Thursday 21 March 2013  Written by Philip Dewey

Stoke Poges Parish Council officially object Khalsa school

Residents at the Stoke Poges Parish Council planning committee meeting.
Residents at the Stoke Poges Parish Council planning committee meeting.

planning application for Khalsa Secondary Academy was officially objected by the Stoke Poges Parish Council planning committee last night.

Householders flocked to the to the Village Centre, in Rogers Lane, for the planning meeting which saw the committee object to plans by the Slough Sikh Education Trust to turn Pioneer House into a secondary school.

The site was objected on the grounds of the Framewood Road conservation area being affected and the transport and traffic problems likely to be generated as a result of pupils being bussed and parking issues.

A member of the public asked chairperson Catherine Thornton about the intervention of the Department of Education and their letter to Slough Borough Council regarding the Arbour Vale site.

She said: "We aware of the letter and it's a positive outcome but there is no guarantee the school will go to the site but I believe the Government are putting pressure on Slough Borough Council.

"In terms of the planning process it has little bearing but if the decision is in our favour, it is less likely to be appealed by the Government."

The parish council will make representations to South Bucks District Council against the application, which is expected to face the planning committee on April 17.

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