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16:16 Tuesday 23 April 2013  Written by Daniel Darlington

We celebrate St George's Day by soaking bosses in the stocks

The Express and Advertiser's CEO and Editorial Director have both been slung in the stocks today to mark St George's Day.

Patriotic CEO Jeremy Spooner, wearing an England football shirt, and Editor Martin Trepte, in fetching chain mail as St George, were soaked by sponges thrown by delighted members of staff to raise money for two charities.

Baylis Media Ltd, owners of the Express and Advertiser series, based in Bell Street, Maidenhead, has agreed to donate £100 each to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground (TVAP) and Open Kitchen.

Christine Bristow also raised £10 for the TVAP by wearing knickers on her head and Janice Nattress donated £4 for the Open Kitchen.

TVAP is an adventure playground in Taplow for children and adults with special needs and Open Kitchen provides food and help for needy families in and around Maidenhead.

How did you celebrate St George's Day today? Tell us and post your photos on our Advertiser and Express Facebook pages or on Twitter @MaidenheadAds @ExpressSeries


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