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08:14 Wednesday 16 January 2013  Written by Philip Dewey

Reported crime in Slough drops over last 10 years

CrimeWork carried out by the Safer Slough Partnership has seen a 29 per cent decrease in reported crime in the borough over 10 years.

Figures from a report revealed reported crime in Slough had fallen by 12 per cent between April 2011 and March 2012, with reported anti-social behaviour reduced by 21 per cent.

Speaking at a Neighbourhood and Community Services Scrutiny meeting on Thursday, community safety manager Louise Asby said the partnership was moving in the right direction.

"Slough is leading in the way in reducing crime with a larger reduction than our neighbours such as Reading and Oxford.

"I think we are doing incredibly well with limited funding but we can't do everything, we have to prioritise."

The partnership has identified a number of priorities for 2013 which include reducing youth gang-related violence, domestic violence, burglary, robbery, street prostitution and repeat victimisation.

Farnham councillor Joginder Bal was concerned with the disclosure that Thames Valley Police had a low number of police officers per 100 crimes compared to the Metropolitan Police.

Detective inspector Andy Shearwood said: "Superintendent Richard Humphreys has been campaigning for additional staff but we need to make use of the resources we have."

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