23 June 2021 | 17:45


Organisations join forces to promote Drowning Prevention Week

Emergency services, local authorities and the Environment Agency are joining forces to support Drowning Prevention Week.

23 June 2021 | 10:16


Royal Swan Upping returns to River Thames after one-year hiatus

The royal tradition of Swan Upping is returning to the River Thames next month following a one-year hiatus.

22 June 2021 | 17:04


No recorded COVID-19 deaths in Royal Borough in over a month, panel told

The Royal Borough has not recorded a COVID-19 death in over a month, councillors were told on Monday.At an outbreak engagement board meeting, the panel received the latest figures as cases of the Delta variant continue to rise.

22 June 2021 | 14:00


Why did I receive an emergency alert on Tuesday?

You may be wondering why your phone made a loud siren noise at around lunchtime this afternoon.

Android users across the country may have heard the sound, which can be quite startling when unexpected.

Do not worry, there is no need to panic.

21 June 2021 | 15:34


Council U-turn expected over 'devastating' library closures

A council U-turn over ‘devastating’ proposed library closures in Windsor and Maidenhead now seems probable.

19 June 2021 | 16:45


'Frustrating' blow for Windsor's nightclubs as easing of restrictions delayed

The hospitality industry in Windsor has been dealt another ‘frustrating’ blow following the postponement of the last step on the roadmap out of lockdown.

18 June 2021 | 17:00


Windsor hotel described as 'parking the Death Star in a Dickens novel' approved after appeal

A new 50-bedroom hotel looks set to be built in St Leonards Road in Windsor following an appeal by the applicants after proposals were rejected by councillors in 2019. At a Windsor Area Development Management Panel meeting in December 2019, councillors unanimously refused the application to build the four-storey structure at a former petrol station in St. Leonards Road.

18 June 2021 | 09:59


Windsor Racecourse COVID-19 vaccination centre to relocate

The vaccination centre at Windsor Racecourse will be relocating to the former Lakeland store in the town centre.Since its launch on December 21, 2020, the service has provided tens of thousands of people with doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines.