Child genius becomes youngest ever to ace the Mensa Test

Hannah Crouch


A child genius has said he was ‘over the moon’ when he found out he was one of the youngest people to achieve the maximum score on the Mensa Test.

Jasamrit Rahala, of Waterbeach Road, Slough, was just 11-years-old when he took the test earlier this year.

In June, the results came back which said he had achieved the maximum score of 162.

Calls to Mensa confirmed Jasamrit was the youngest person under 18 to achieve this.

“I decided to take the test after watching my favourite programme, Child Genius,” said Jasamrit, who is now 12.

“When the results came back and we found out I was the youngest person I was over the moon.”

The Herschel Grammar School pupil said his favourite subjects are science and maths and he is interested in potentially a career in engineering or coding.

His dad, Santokh Rahala, said: “We are so proud of him because my wife and I come from a very simple background and neither of us have done anything special like this.”

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