Mensa member returns to old primary school to hand out maths awards

James Hockaday

A high-flying former James Elliman Academy pupil and Mensa member returned to his old primary school to present an award to two talented maths students.

Jasamrit Rahala, 12, who left James Elliman Academy for Herschel Grammar School in 2015, paid a visit to his old primary school’s annual prize day on Tuesday, July 18.

Jasamrit, who is due to start a scholarship at Eton College in September, presented the Jasamrit Rahala Maths Shield to the school’s highest year six maths SATs achievers.

Joint winners Tayyab Nawabi and Faizan Mahmood both scored 109/110.

In a speech, Jasamrit said: “I know that today I have come to hand out an award on mathematics but this means so much more than that.

“I have re-united with the teachers that have shaped my life and helped me to persevere.”

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