'We've always had each other': Couple celebrates 65th wedding anniversary

James Hockaday

Two guests at a 1950s party in Langley last week had more reason to celebrate than most as they marked their 65th wedding anniversary.

Mavis Peck, originally from Windsor, and John Peck, from Suffolk, were 14 and 15 when they met while working for a machine patent company at the Slough Trading Estate.

John, now 86, specialised in patents for wood products throughout his working life and 85-year-old Mavis worked as an apprentice.

“We wanted to get engaged but our parents said no, we were so young,” said Mavis.

It was not until John returned from two years of national service in Egypt, aged 21, that they got married at St Ethelbert’s Church in William Street.

The pair, who live in The Cherries, Wexham, had the chance to travel the world, having visited places such as Bourneo, Malaysia and America.

Mavis was ‘chuffed’ to be delivered a congratulatory message from the Queen after their 65th anniversary on July 16.

The pair are incredibly thankful for a big group of supportive friends who they regularly see.

“They really look after us, they’re wonderful,” said Mavis. “I think when you haven’t got children you’re compensated in a way.

“We’ve always had each other. You take the good with the bad, it’s not all honey and roses but you just get on with it.”

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