Six detached houses around historic tree planned in Fifield

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A planning application has been put forward marking the beginning of plans to build six detached houses on the greenbelt in Fifield Road.

The plans are for five new family homes and one replacement house, with landscaping and parking, on half a hectare of land at the northern boundary of Fifield, near to Manor Grange Business Park.

Applicant Sagacity Consultants is based at Willow House, on the site.

The low-density development is planned to be arranged as a cul-de-sac, with the protected willow tree as a central, focal point. The buildings are set to be one-and-a-half to two storeys.

Originally, the plan was to build 11 homes – but the applicants were advised this was too many, prior to filing an application.

The development is planned to incorporate low-carbon and renewable energy technologies.

The applicant’s representatives claim that, as the development constitutes limited infilling in a village, it is therefore appropriate development on the greenbelt.

The proposal is currently in its outline stages, looking at closing off an existing access point to Willow Manor and creating an alternative one.

There is currently one objection from a resident concerned that there is already too much traffic going on along the Fifield Road and another entrance may add to these issues.

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