Plans put forward to build on gardens in Bray

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

Plans have been put forward to build three bungalows in ‘underused’ garden space on Windsor Road in Maidenhead.

A previous application for four two-storey houses on the same site, made in September last year, was rejected – a decision that was maintained on appeal.

The independent inspector said that ‘individual or smaller groups of properties to the rear of others are generally single storey and less prominent than (this) scheme would be.’

The applicant has since revised the plans from two-storey homes into bungalows.

However, the new plans are still bringing forth a raft of objections from residents.

Some feel that the houses would still be crammed into too small a space, which would reduce privacy for current occupants, create noise issues and lead to parking problems.

In a recent Bray Parish Council planning meeting, parish councillors unanimously agreed that the 'site is far too small and cramped for the number of dwellings proposed'.

Would-be neighbours expressed worries about the proximity of waste bins to their homes and garden, possibly leading to bad odours.

Others are worried about the traffic impacts. The Windsor Road is on the A308, which residents have raised concerns about many times before.

As such, the possibility of more cars in the area, associated with the new homes, did not sit well with some residents.

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