'Appalling' state of roads discussed at Fifield meeting

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams


A community association discussed speed limits, traffic, planning and air quality concerns during a meeting earlier this month.

On Thursday, March 17 at Braywood Cricket Club, visitors heard from Oakley Green, Fifield & District Community Association (OGAFCA) that it is ‘still waiting for the promised speed reduction on Oakley Green Road’.

“The condition of our roads all around the parish is appalling with potholes, worn out road markings and collapsing gutters,” said OGAFCA in its report.

The meeting also looked at Coningsby Lane, an alternative route during the closure of Fifield Road.

“As a consequence, the verges have been trashed and the whole lane has been left in a shocking muddy mess,” OGAFCA wrote.

The association is planning to get Coningsby Lane recognised as a Quiet Lane, which gives priority to horses, cyclists and walkers and provides a safe recreation area for local people.

Visitors also heard about Bray Parish Council’s concerns about the air quality in this area.

It commissioned a study and the result for the last six months is now published.

These show that the junction of Oakley Green Road and Dedworth Road is ‘three times over the WHO recommended limit.’

OGAFCA is concerned that the borough’s proposals for 450 homes in this area (as part of the Borough Local Plan) will exacerbate this.

“The A308 corridor on either side that traverses our part of the borough is under siege from planning applications,” it wrote.

Councillor Phil Haseler, cabinet member for planning, parking, highways and transport, said: “All roads in the borough are subject to frequent visual inspections to ensure that highways the council is responsible for are in a safe and useable condition.”

Residents are encouraged to use the Borough’s Report It tool online.

Cllr Haseler added that the evidence base for the Borough Local Plan included ‘a detailed strategic air quality study’ taking into account changes over time – including sustainable travel and electric vehicles – and found there would be ‘ultimately be no adverse impacts arising.’

“Regarding changes to speed limits, these are considered in consultation with Thames Valley Police as the enforcement authority,” he said.

The meeting also looked at forthcoming social events, including a children’s Easter Egg Hunt on April 18; a
Jubilee Street Party on June 5 in Fifield Road outside the Fifield Inn; the Scarecrow Festival, at the same time; and Fifield Fun Day on
August 7 at Deep Meadows, Fifield.

Further information on all subjects, including flooding concerns, is available at www.ogafcap.co.uk – the next OGAFCA meeting is on Thursday, May 5 from 7.30pm.

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