Burnham MetFilm School graduate works on Doctor Who

A Burnham-based script editor who recently got to work on the set of Doctor Who is encouraging other budding young film professionals to reach for the stars.

“Grab every possible opportunity to tell the stories you love,” is one of the pieces of advice from Adam Mamoun following his stint working on the iconic BBC classic.

“Whether you want to be a scriptwriter, DOP or editor, or a mix of all the different roles, throw yourself in and have a good time creating stories,” he said.

The 24-year-old film graduate of the MetFilm School recently completed a BBC Traineeship where he got the opportunity to work on episodes of the sci-fi show,
post production.

The opportunity to realise a childhood dream came from a post on social media.

He explained: “The BBC Traineeship came about when I saw a post on social media about a post-production trainee opportunity.

“I put myself forward for the role – I got lucky.”

Filmed in Cardiff, Doctor Who has been thrilling sci-fi fans for decades – Adam, being one of them.

He said: “The Doctor Who experience was fantastic.

“It was a very special

because I grew up watching the show. It was also the TV show that inspired me to work in the media industry in the first place.

“The team was very welcoming, and I learned about the responsibilities assistant editors have and how they communicate with the editors and visual effects (VFX) artists.

“I got to create my own trailer, edits of scenes and add some VFX into a scene. The best and most exciting part of the experience was going onto the Tardis set.”

Whilst he likes the classic elements of the cult show, Adam is looking forward to the show’s new future. He said: “I'm incredibly excited for Ncuti Gatwa being cast as the next Doctor.”

The future for Adam, who is currently working as an edit assistant at Entertainment One is also in the stars.

He said: “My ambitions for the future are to write and edit short films as well as edit short online viral content and be an assistant editor on various films and TV dramas.”

When asked about whether he would ever base a story in Burnham, a place growing in popularity for film sets and Netflix series, including the

recent hit Heartstopper, he said: “I think Burnham is a popular location for filming because of how both lively

the town is, but also how

beautiful and tranquil the village and Burnham Beeches are.

“I always wanted to film a survival short film in Burnham Beeches. When I was walking through Burnham Beeches, I just kept visualising a story in my head.

“Hopefully, it’ll be something I revisit later down the line.”

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