In pictures: Adrian Moorhouse speaks at first Royal Borough Business Forum

Former Olympic gold medallist and successful businessman Adrian Moorhouse urged people to ‘believe in possibility’ at the launch of the Royal Borough Business Forum.

The inaugural networking event took place at Cumber-land Lodge, in Windsor Great Park, on Tuesday.

Moorhouse, founder of Maidenhead-based management consultancy Lane4, appeared as a guest speaker and spoke to the audience about the importance of goal-setting and creating a high-performance environment.

He recalled how his former swimming coach, Terry Denison, challenged him to take responsibility for his dream of becoming an Olympic champion as a teenager (Moorhouse won gold in the 100m breaststroke at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul).

He said: “I’m one of these dangerous characters because I actually think you can dream stuff and do it.

“I believe in possibility and fundamentally at the heart of a performance environment people have to believe that things can be done.”

Moorhouse's Lane4 management consultancy, recently moved to new offices in the TOR Building in St Cloud Way and now employs almost 250 people.

Moorhouse told the audience how development of the company had been constructed around a 'goal tree' – a structured way to set and clarify objectives.

He also emphasised how effective leaders should encourage and support their workforce, help set goals for their performance and help them believe in their potential.

Ross Wilson, chairman of Wilson Partners, who introduced the event, said: “This is an opportunity to recognise that many of us in business in the Royal Borough are passionate about excellence in business.

“We recognise that there are few local networks
that actually create an environment where a team can learn from each other, share best practice, exchange ideas and listen to inspirational speakers.”

After the success of the event, it is hoped the business forum, co-founded by Baylis Media head of commercial Nicola Rogers, will establish regular networking sessions featuring guest speakers in the future.