Cat shot with air rifle in Halloween attack

James Hockaday

A charity worker was ‘mortified’ to come home from work on Halloween to discover her cat had been shot with an air rifle.

Yasmin Baig, 44, from Bath Road, Cippenham, left for work at about 8.30am on Monday, leaving her five-year-old rescue cat Charlotte at home.

She came back at about 5.30pm to find the tortoiseshell had a wound in her ribs, was not moving and struggling to breath.

“I was absolutely devastated and mortified that somebody could actually aim at a cat and pull a trigger and shoot something that’s defenceless,” she said.

“It makes you think about society.”

She took the cat to the Alma Veterinary Hospital in Windsor where vets removed an air rifle pellet.

It had lodged three inches into Charlotte’s body, near to her ribs, and narrowly missed her vital organs.

The cat was kept in overnight at the vets and was operated on the next day. She is now on the mend.

The operation cost Yasmin £720 and she thinks she will have to spend at least an extra £100 on additional check-ups.

She also took the day off work to be with Charlotte while she recovered from her operation.

“She’s recovering but she’s shaken up,” said Yasmin.

“Every bang or noise that she hears, she’s jumping, which isn’t good for this time of year.”

Yasmin cancelled her trip to a bonfire display to make sure the noise of fireworks did not distress Charlotte.

“She’s extremely nervous,” she said.

She now worries other cats in the area could also be at harm if the offender is not caught by police.

She added that Charlotte rarely went out onto the street so there was a good chance that somebody could have shot her while she was in her back garden.

She added: “It makes me think about moving away from this area because I want to keep my cat safe.”

Thames Valley Police are investigating the incident. Contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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  • Sammy

    12:34, 05 November 2016

    I am also a resident in the cippenham area. On the night of the 27th September our 3 year old cat was also shot in the shoulder with an air rifle. At first we were told they would have to amputate his front right leg but fortunately the vets were able to reconstruct his shoulder. His leg is being kept in a sling for the next few weeks and he has to stay in a cage during recovery, it is still to be seen how much use of his leg he will still have. We also reported this to the police but to be honest they did not seen hopeful much could be done.



    • YBaig

      17:07, 08 November 2016

      I hope that your cat makes a full recovery and his leg gets full movement. It somehow dropped this off my earlier comment.



    • YBaig

      16:52, 08 November 2016

      Have you reported this to the RSPCA. They have been really helpful and they have done door to door inspections. They will need to know as it looks like a sad individual may be the sole perpetrator of this. They could warn other pet owners and could put pressure on the police. I am chasing up the police and if they don't act I will take it further ie raise a complaint if necessary. I am not letting this go away.



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