Colnbrook school trials scheme stopping parents from driving to school gates

Parents will be stopped from driving down two roads near Colnbrook’s Pippins Primary School as part of a scheme to encourage more sustainable travel.

A barrier manned by trained marshals will be placed at the entrance to Raymond Close keeping it and The Hawthorns car free for an hour each morning and afternoon.

Slough Borough Council said the closures will allow children to and from school more safely as well as encouraging walking, cycling or using scooters.

Headteacher Tracy Ball said she is hoping the School Streets initiative will stop the reporting of near misses between cars and pupils during the school run.

She said: “I hope parents and carers will take the opportunity to walk, cycle or scooter to school not only giving them time to talk with the children but to get active as well.

“I think it will also give me the time to be the headteacher in the morning and welcome the children to school and talk to parents rather than keeping an eye out for what vehicles are doing and whether there is going to be an accident.

“We also hope the messages we get from the school’s neighbours who complain of cars parking inappropriately will stop as well.”

Residents of both roads will be able to come and go as they please and will have been issued permits to allow access, the council said.

Schools Streets at Pippins began this week as children were permitted to return to school after the coronavirus lockdown.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for sustainable transport and the environment, said: “The Schools Streets initiative is about making the roads safer for children as they get to school and for those children getting more active at the same time.

“This not only has positive effect on their health and wellbeing but has been proven to benefit their concentration, and therefore learning, in the classroom.”

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  • be_ transparent

    20:54, 10 March 2021

    Total and utter hypocrisy. No mention of teachers being stopped from driving. No one has implemented a no driving policy to all council premises yet either and removed all car parking spaces, nor will they. As usual, one rule for parents, quite another one for teachers or council staff. Of course no mention of the cost of these "trained marshals" - which of course are being paid for by the very same parents with an increase in taxes. Be very clear this isn't about helping anyone - this is about forcing people without their consent.



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