Fashion Mondays: New season coats

It’s getting cold.

It's getting darker earlier and summer is over – but I’m excited because it’s finally coat weather.

I love coats. I own more coats than I do handbags which, as those of you who know me will know, is a rather large number. There’s something about bundling up in a coat that is just rather lovely. It doesn’t matter what you wear underneath because a good coat can change a whole outfit and attitude.

I’m not really a fan of black coats though as you merge into one big crowd with everyone else in the street. I have coloured coats, although I have a dark green woollen one for occasions where I have to look perhaps a bit more serious than my bright pink boiled wool one would suggest.

This autumn I am very much enjoying the colour block coats that are popping up, as well as every shade of pink (a general trend across all clothing this season). The classic camel coat is everywhere again as well, with some great double breasted shapes on sale that are worth investing in and keeping for seasons to come.

Shops will have nearly their whole fill of coats for the season in now, with a couple more trickling in during October from my experience, so now is the time to buy.

I’ve put together a selection to give you some inspiration.

Happy shopping!