Fashion Fridays: Statement jewellery

We’ve made some changes here at ‘Tiser Towers and Fashion Mondays (RIP) has now moved to Fridays, and it’s even more fabulous.  

With the arrival of Pandora in the Nicholsons Centre tomorrow, I’ve been inspired to look at statement jewellery you can get your hands on this season.

Statement jewellery, including big earrings, choker necklaces and dazzling rings, can make or break an outfit but watch out, too much and you might end up looking like more like Pat Butcher from Eastenders.

How to wear:

-Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate the outfit, and wear with a LBD (little black dress) or with jeans and a simple top.

-Shop around. It doesn’t have to break the bank, I’ve found a selection of jewellery ranging from under £10 to over £30.

-Don’t wear it all at once. Pick one statement piece, there’s no need for a statement EVERYTHING, just pick one!