Slough council leader writes to Theresa May requesting 'sweetheart deal'

James Hockaday

The leader of Slough Borough Council (SBC) has written to Prime Minister Theresa May over an alleged 'sweetheart deal' between the Government and Surrey County Council.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn read out leaked text messages in Parliament suggesting a special deal had been made with the county council.

The alleged messages suggest that Conservative-led Surrey County Council was prepared to cancel a referendum to raise council tax by 15 per cent in return for extra government funding for adult social care.

SBC leader Sohail Munnawar (Lab, Elliman) sent a letter to the Prime Minister the same day asking for a similar deal.

In it he said: "In light of the alleged deal, struck between the Government and Surrey County Council, Slough's residents are now asking why they should be treated differently from those in Surrey."

This week SBC's cabinet approved a 4.75 per cent council tax bills increase, which included a three per cent Government precept to fund adult social services. The increase will be voted on by full council on Thursday, February 23.

Cllr Munnawar described it as a 'tough decision' in his letter and asked if Slough could be entitled to extra government funding to reduce its council tax hike.

The full letter is in the slideshow above or here.

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