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Langley Academy cuts ties with Islamic weekend school

A secondary school in Langley has severed ties with an Islamic School over concerns that speakers it has hosted at other events have expressed ‘extremist’ views.

Langley Academy has cancelled its letting agreement with IslamHood UK, having previously hosted the organisation’s Youth Tarbiya Weekend School.

Concerns had been raised about the records of some speakers who have appeared at IslamHood organised events, although there is no suggestion any of the speakers had appeared at Langley Academy.

One figure was Imran ibn Mansur (aka Dawah Man) who has come under fire for past comments made about homosexuality on his own Youtube channel.

He has also said in his own videos that non-muslims ‘have less value than cattle’ and that Shia Islam is ‘the biggest threat to Muslims’ and was created by a Jewish man.

Another speaker, Dr Haitham al-Haddad, has written on website that homosexuality is a ‘scourge’ and a ‘criminal act’, has called for adulterers and people who leave Islam to be killed on a Dutch TV debate.

Langley Academy launched an investigation after concerns were raised and it has since terminated its lettings agreement.

The school said in a statement: “As a trust we value and actively promote inclusivity, respect for others and equality of opportunity for all and as part of our commitment to safeguarding we fully support the government's Prevent Strategy.

“Therefore we take any allegations that extremist views or ideology might be being promoted on our premises extremely seriously.

“We were deeply concerned when a complaint was  first raised with the Trust about IslamHood’s Weekend School in December and immediately consulted our external lettings agency who are responsible for such lettings. 

“We have carried out an in-depth investigation and the lettings agreement with IslamHood has been terminated with immediate effect.

We are also undertaking a thorough review of our lettings policy and agreement with our external lettings provider to ensure its robustness.”

Councillor Preston Brooker (Lab, Langley Kedermister), whose ward is home to the school, said: “I feel the school took the appropriate action in the circumstances.”

Last week, campaign group the National Secular Society spoke out against IslamHood due to  some of the speakers it has been associated with.

IslamHood says it is a victim of ‘smears’ from the National Secular Society and says it is seeking legal action.

“It is unfortunate that Langley Academy has acted in a way where Muslim organisations are guilty until proven innocent based on lies and smears,” the group added.

The National Secular Society spokesman said IslamHood was claiming victimhood to ‘deflect attention from themselves’.

He added: “It’s simply a point of fact that IslamHood has a history of hosting lectures from extremist speakers.

“If the school feels that the values expressed by some of the speakers hosted by IslamHood are at odds with Langley Academy’s own ethos and values, they have every right to terminate their agreement with them – and we support them in doing so.”

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