Council secures more than £2million to tackle Langley traffic congestion

Road improvement works are set to be carried out in Langley High Street after Slough Borough Council secured more than £2million of funding.

The Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership agreed to part-fund the council’s proposed changes to the road system during a meeting on Wednesday.

The council is looking to introduce measures to ease congestion on the roads ahead of the anticipated closure of Hollow Hill Lane.

The key link road is expected to close permanently if the Western Rail Link to Heathrow scheme is given the go-ahead by the Department for Transport.

Cllr Rob Anderson (Lab, Britwell and Northborough) told yesterday’s meeting: “We closed Hollow Hill Lane ourselves as an experimental order back in 2015/2016 to see the impact on traffic and the impact was pretty horrendous for Langley village centre on a road system which is largely unchanged in the last 100 years.

“It was clear that should that closure ever go ahead it will be a nightmare in that area.”

Planned changes include the introduction of a signal-controlled junction at the corner of the High Street and Meadfield Road.

The road is also set to be widened and accommodate two lanes of traffic in both directions from that junction to Elmhurst Road with provision made for cyclists.

The council is in discussions with trustees of Langley Memorial Park to potentially use some of the perimeter of the park to implement the scheme.

A series of virtual consultation events are set to be held to get feedback from residents and businesses on some of the design proposals.

Cllr Anderson said in a statement : “It’s always difficult in the short term using experimental orders to make road changes, but the data we gained from this scheme means the short term pain in 2016 means we have secured millions of pounds to fund better transport links in Langley.

“I’m confident that this will not be the last additional funding we secure thanks to using these orders.”

A total of £2.357million has been awarded from TVB LEP with the council contributing £1million towards the road improvements.

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  • be_ transparent

    14:00, 16 July 2020

    Now after the horrendous failure of the A4 scheme Rob appears to be misleading Slough that experimental road closures are needed to assess the impact on traffic. They aren't. Why do you think there are traffic planners ? Why does traffic flow simulation software exist ? Only Slough for some reason wishes to convince people that right first time isn't an option. Whats the cited reason for the program Cllr Anderson hasn't mentioned ? To enable more development !! Yes there will be a "consultation" - but don't worry the council is taking that process so seriously they already have told the local transport body the construction will start this December and will be completed in Early 2021.



    • Stranger

      00:44, 17 July 2020

      Anderson MUST go. 3 separate petitions about the A4: 2 with 4K-plus signers, and the third with nearly 7.5K. As of today and yesterday, he's been having his brief 15 minutes, by saying that the A4 bus lane could be reconsidered to allow fully electric cars, and that the policy will be finalised after 18 months! 18 months... No consultations or proper procedures have been followed by this Council, and it's increasingly clear that that guy is simply anti-car and anti-private transport. The Langley congestion problem was caused by the imposition of the roundabout near Harrow Market, and the 4 pedestrian crossings all around it. And now Anderson et all propose to "solve" the problem they created... It's becoming obvious what their agenda is. There is no question or doubt about it - we need to kick these people out of office and inform voters about what they've done.



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