Viewpoint: More anger over state of cemetery

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Time for more respect for the cemetery

Upon visiting Braywick cemetery today (April 16) to visit my mum’s grave and my grandparents’ grave, I was appalled at the state of the grass cutting (if you can call it that).

It looked as if it had been hacked and grass cuttings left there.

It is disgusting.

£32.8million was spent on the new leisure centre but the council cannot spend decent money on getting adequate contractors to maintain this cemetery.

Do you know how many times myself and my family have to wash everything down on the graves, as they leave it in an appalling state?

There is no respect.

Time and time again this is complained about but nothing gets done, as with everything else with this council.

Emails have been sent numerous times and all but one ignored and nothing done about it.

It’s about time this council respects the cemetery and the people who visit it.

The idiotic bins that they put there can fit hardly anything in, so subsequently rubbish is left around them.

It’s just another thing that is not sacred in Maidenhead anymore.


Conservation at York Stream grass roots

Who is responsible for the mindless vandalism along York Stream between the library and York Road?

The entire embankment has been treated with weed killer and is now a brown and arid wasteland.

When will this council and town learn that all conservation MUST start at grass level?


Wessex Way

Cox Green

Catch 22 when trying to use high street bank

I was going to enter Barclays Bank in Maidenhead High Street on Thursday, April 14 but there was a sign on the door stating the branch was closed due to a burst pipe. Fair enough.

On Thursday, April 21 the branch was still closed for the same reason.

Recently the branch has ceased its counter service and, in order to deposit cheques you have to use a machine, which frequently malfunctions.

It seems to me that Barclays has no interest in providing a decent service to customers in Maidenhead and I am convinced that it is only a matter of time before the branch is closed permanently.

No doubt the reason will be ‘lack of use’.



Great to see walking added to travel remit

The launch of WAMACT (Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead Active Travel) (Maidenhead Advertiser, April 21) is both timely and vital, following the Government’s announcement in January of a new executive agency – Active Travel England – in line with its commitment to boost cycling and walking; help deliver priorities for healthy, safe and carbon-neutral transport; and raise standards of cycling and walking infrastructure.

Beginning with the RBWM Cycle Forum, whose members developed the adopted Cycling Action Plan (CAP), followed by W&MCAG set up by local residents to ensure the CAP’s implementation after RBWM dissolved the Cycle Forum in 2019, WAMACT is also the natural successor in an evolving process as at local level the council draws up its first Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), joining CAP objectives with a new formal policy for walking.

Following W&MCAG’s intensive work during the pandemic; engagement with other voluntary groups and RBWM on wider climate and environment matters; developing support for the successful creation of a Cycle Hub in Windsor; and helping the group become an established and respected voice on behalf of cycling across the Borough, we have decided to step back from direct leadership roles and encourage others to step into these and many new ones which will be generated by WAMACT’s remit, whilst looking forward to contributing on matters of community engagement and local infrastructure where we feel our experience, knowledge and insights will be of particular benefit.

COVID and the climate crisis have irrefutably underscored the benefits of ‘active travel’ for health, wellbeing, biodiversity and natural environment, the economy and overall quality of life.

Being part of the group’s constructive engagement with the council and communities to expand support for cycling during this extraordinary period has been a privilege, and we very much support the decision to add walking to its remit while the LCWIP is being prepared.

Now is most definitely the time to ACT!


W&MCAG Founding Chair


W&MCAG Founding Secretary

Could province become a condominium?

During a recent Commons committee meeting the Brexit opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg was asked about EU plans to insist on speed limiters being fitted to cars, with the Tory MP David Jones suggesting: “If we want to sell cars into the EU then we can fit them with speed limiters. If we want to sell them in the UK, or elsewhere, then we needn’t do so.”

Perhaps that principle would need to be refined to deal with cars registered in the UK which are temporarily taken into the EU, but this basically sensible idea is what should be applied to all goods in Northern Ireland.

Instead, for the sake of securing a low value trade deal with the EU, Boris Johnson agreed to that part of the United Kingdom remaining under swathes of EU laws, without its citizens having any say over those laws.

Now it is reported that he plans to unilaterally disapply parts of the protocol which treat the province as a kind of buffer zone, a condominium in which legal authority is shared between the UK and the EU.

Personally I will believe that when I see it; he was easily brought back into line last November when the EU threatened a trade war, and in any case the House of Lords would try to block the necessary Bill.

It might help on both fronts if he built upon the idea put forward by Mr Jones and proposed legislation to prevent non-compliant goods being carried across the Irish land border into the EU Single Market.


Belmont Park Avenue


Wheel in the Daleks to solve our problems

For goodness sake, where are our wonderful, effective Daleks, just when we need them to sort out some of our world’s problems?



Our volunteers make a remarkable difference

Between June 1-7 we are celebrating National Volunteers Week.

Here at Family Friends in Windsor and Maidenhead we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all great volunteers.

It is through their support that families across the Royal Borough are moving forward and they are really making a difference.

As well as those who support families directly, we are also grateful to volunteers who fulfil other vital roles in our small charity: attending groups, assisting with activities, helping little by little but often a lot.

Our loyal group of trustees bring a great level of experience and their ongoing dedication to Family Friends doesn’t go unnoticed.

As well as celebrating this wonderful week and saying thank you to our existing volunteers we would like to take this opportunity and invite people from all backgrounds to offer some of their free time to our local families in need.

It can be an hour in a week!

If you are thinking of doing something different, something special and rewarding why don’t start by volunteering some of your wonderful skills for Family Friends.

To hear more please contact us on 0300 800 1005 or check our social media Facebook/Instagram account.


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