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Police campaign to combat organised crime

A month of police activity will be carried out throughout November and December as part of the Thames Valley Police (TVP) Stronghold campaign.

The scheme is the force’s commitment to tackling serious and organised crime.

Teams will be out across the policing area working to disrupt those engaged in serious drug related crime and prevent further offences.

They will be working in partnership with the Royal Borough, Slough Borough Council and Crimestoppers.

Inspector for Problem Solving and Safeguarding, Mike Darrah, based at Maidenhead station, said: “We are committed to preventing drugs related serious and organised crime in our communities.

“By working together we can help to keep our community safe.

“We would urge anybody who has any concerns or information to get in touch.

“Alternatively, if you see or hear anything unusual or suspicious, please report it to us through our website or call 101.”

You can follow the activity on social media using #TVPStronghold and #TacklingExploitationTogether.

More information about Stronghold can be found on the Thames Valley Police website at


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  • Stranger

    16:06, 02 November 2018

    As it seems any information or news about the causes of the violent crime (only a few instances of which are ever reported in Slough papers) is being carefully censored from the news media by the police and journalists, it would be great if some commentators could helpfully reveal what the hell is going on in Slough. What's the issue? What's taking place in the parks and on Farnham Road, etc.? Let us, the people of Slough, know. The papers have their advertising sponsors and the police have their multimillion pound PR machine churning out bland assertions about how they're dealing with xyz crime but we have no information here about anything. Nobody is going to stop the crime gravy train except the people. Just like Afghanistan is kept in a state of disrepair and never gets better, just to support the illegal arms and opium traffic, it's clear that some areas of Slough which are known crime hotspots are carefully neglected by the police and council. What's the issue? Rich people from surrounding areas in Berks and Bucks need to visit an eternal slum to buy their drugs? Let's start sharing info and fix this. The police and council won't do squat.



  • JoeSoap

    11:15, 02 November 2018

    Seconded Paludian. I see the useless former TVP Chief Constable Sara Thornton is in the news. At a conference in London, she said police should concentrate on burglary and violent crime, instead of pursuing fashionable new hate crimes such as wolf-whistling. Three years ago she told the BBC that because of the savage Tory cuts, people couldn't expect the Police to respond to every burglary. They had more important things to do.



  • Paludian

    16:41, 01 November 2018

    Perhaps Thames Valley Police should take a look at the Farnham Road any night of the week.



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