In pictures: Art students celebrate book launch

Illustrated story books raising awareness about the loss of habitats for wildlife have been published by group of children.

Aged between 12-16 the children belong to Artspiration School of Drawing and Painting which was founded 11 years ago by artist Shalini Nayak.

They celebrated the publishing of the books with a book party at St Peter's Church in St Peter's Road where the school is based, on Saturday, March 9.

Last year the advanced group won the inaugural David Shepherd Arts award for a joint piece centred on an elephant.

The award was presented to them at the Natural History Museum in March 2018.

David is a British Wildlife artist and conservationist who established the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) in 1984.

Thinking about David, Shalini wondered how the group could ‘contribute in his footsteps and leave their own small but powerful imprints’.

She had the idea of ‘One World- Our Home’ - a collection of books for younger children published by

Workshops led by artists enabled children to explore different medium and styles and gave them ‘enough time to nurture, change, evolve and mature their own ideas’.

Shalini has ‘been in complete awe’ of the stories and illustrations children created for the project.

She said: “Such a beautiful message, in a completely innocent voice, very silent yet strong enough to send shivers down our spine. ‘Are we doing enough?’”

The books can be bought online with all of the profits made from the sales being donated to charitable purposes.

It is a goal for the group to raise enough funds by March 31 for each child to be able to adopt an animal at the DSWF’.

Student Inayah Asghar, 13, said: “The ‘One World-Our Home’ project was a great experience for me, I enjoyed creating my characters, and bringing them to life.

“There are only about 30,000 Orangutans left in the wild, 20,000 in Borneo and 10,000 in Sumatra due to habitat loss.

“I think that the people who look after the remaining ones are remarkable, which is why I wanted to base my book on Orangutans and their plight.

“It’s important we save the environment, and I hope we can make the planet better through art.”

To buy the books go to