Maidenhead driver puzzled by parking ticket after buying permit

A Maidenhead resident has hit out at the council after being hit with a parking ticket – despite renewing his expired permit.

Gary Beagley, who lives in Ray Street, said that the Royal Borough is refusing to cancel the ticket, adding that he was ‘shocked and disappointed’ with the decision.

Mr Beagley said that his previous parking permit expired on May 25, prompting him to buy a new one online, claiming he was issued with confirmation of his permit and a reference number.

But the angry motorist was shocked to discover he had a parking ticket on the windscreen of his orange Mini after ordering his new permit online, which eventually arrived on June 1.

He added that he saw nothing in his documents beforehand which suggested the permit may not be valid straight away.

“I wrote to the council and explained that my new car permit had been issued and was on its way in the post, but they are refusing to cancel the ticket,” Mr Beagley said.

“That is totally unfair and many residents I have discussed this with feel the same.

“In every other way of life they give you a reference number and you are covered, like your car insurance.

“What is my next move? I am shocked and disappointed with the decision. This is not set up to help residents, it is a money-making scam.”

Mr Beagley added that he has been forced to fork out hundreds of pounds-worth of permits each year for his car and small van, as well as visitor parking for his girlfriend’s vehicle.

He questioned why charges were brought into Ray Street in the first place, adding there were no parking permits needed when he moved there a decade ago.

Mr Beagley said: “It is just causing aggravation for the residents, to be charging a premium to give you the right to park outside your own home,”

A Royal Borough council spokesman said: “If the resident would like to contact our parking team, we are happy to look into this particular case further.”

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  • rogersmith02

    17:26, 24 June 2021

    Surely either you've got a valid parking permit or you haven't? A black and white issue and hardly news worthy.



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