Mother worries for schoolchildren's safety on busy Cox Green road

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A mother has raised concerns for the safety of schoolchildren crossing a Cox Green road – suggesting there should be warning signs or other traffic calming measures.

Woodlands Park Road contains a pick-up point for the Wycombe High / John Hampden Apple coach, at the entrance to the Lillibrooke estate.

Kavita Pant has a son who takes this bus and has raised concerns that there are no signs to warn drivers about children crossing the ‘narrow and fast’ road.

On it, the speed limit is 40mph coming from Shoppenhangers, changing to 30mph as the road drops downhill prior to Woodlands Park Avenue.

“I feel there should be some sort of sign saying, ‘Children crossing’,” Kavita said.

“There are around three or four schools around here, with children walking to school.

“I knew there was a problem with speed on the road – I started noticing the danger when my son started talking the John Hampden school bus. There’s no proper crossing.”

Kavita added the change in speed limit from 40mph to 30mph makes it so that drivers are often going too fast on the stretch.

“I think it should either be 30mph all the way through, or I don’t know if there should be speed bumps – that’s for the Borough to decide,” she said.

Her concerns were echoed by others on social media and picked up by Cox Green ward councillor Phil Haseler (Con).

Speaking to the Advertiser, Cllr Haseler said the problem is that the bus stop is not an authorised one but rather an unofficial pick-up from the private entrance to Lillibrooke.

“One possibility is for parents to contact the school and ask for an alternative arrangement,” he said.

“That said, we will look at this in the round – we want to make sure everyone is safe.”

He said that average speed checks for vehicles are being conducted on Woodlands Park Road to see if a speed limit change might be appropriate.

The reason the speed limit changes from 40mph to 30mph is because of the different layout on different sections, he said.

“There’s reduced visibility and lots of private dwellings on that stretch, so 30mph makes sense,” he said.

“We have to have an evidence base before we start jumping in and changing speed limits.

“There are criteria we have to go through.

“We will look into it but it’s very early days at the moment.”

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