Maidenhead father calls for 'stop' signage at hotspot junction

A Maidenhead father has called for clearer safety road signage at a crossroads junction following a spate of accidents in recent months.

Jonathan Grant lives in Ray Park Avenue and wants more to be done to alert motorists to the junction connecting Ray Mill Road East and Sheephouse Road.

The concerned resident wants the council to install more ‘stop’ signage at the location and paint ‘stop’ lettering on the tarmac after witnessing a series of crashes at the junction.

He added that aside from a painted white line on the ground, there is nothing else to warn drivers of the approaching need to stop, with some driving across the junction at speed.

“It is a crossroads and there are no traffic lights or anything, so the easiest thing to do is to put signs or something on the road to say ‘stop’,” Jonathan said.

“People don’t realise so they drive straight over at full speed – there have been two accidents this year.”

Jonathan added that it is ‘misleading’ for drivers approaching the junction to be met with a 20mph speed limit sign, which he says encourages drivers to maintain their speed.

“Actually that is three metres before the junction,” he said.

Speeding along Sheephouse Road is also a common theme, Jonathan explained, while pavement parking often causes issues for parents pushing buggies.

“I have got three young children and with a buggy trying to get down there it is risky; it’s not a Silverstone practice lap,” he said. “There are cars parked over the pavement which is another issue.”

Cllr Phil Haseler, cabinet member for parking, highways and transport, said: “Highways officers have recently visited this junction as part of a safety review that will determine what reasonable adjustments could be possible to support public safety, which is always a top priority.

"The 20mph signs at this junction are in response to a reduced speed limit that was requested by residents and implemented some time ago. Any further improvements to traffic calming and safety will be dependent on the outcome of the safety review, once it’s completed and potential options have been considered.

"In the meantime, motorists should continue to be cautious and drive responsibly when approaching all junctions, especially crossroads, and if necessary stop to check the way is clear in all directions before proceeding.

"The council can only enforce pavement parking if there is a parking restriction in place. There are already double yellow lines prohibiting parking (including pavement parking) on and immediately around the crossroads, however we are happy to explore specific footway parking restrictions further away from that junction if needed.

"We would encourage motorists to park considerately and safely, and to avoid blocking pavements, regardless of what parking restrictions are in place.”   

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