Piggott School student selected for British Para Swimming Talent Squad.

Elowyn Meeres, a student at The Piggott School in Twyford, has been selected for the British Para-Swimming National Talent Development Programme, writes Ben Hart.

One of just nine new additions to the squad, Elowyn will benefit from regular training camps and first-class coaching.

As a result of her selection, she will also receive support at the upcoming National Championships in December.

It will be her second appearance at the event and she has fond memories of her first.

“I met Ellie Robinson and Ellie Simmonds,” she said.

“It was just insane. They’re my idols. To be able to meet them, get photos and even swim with them was amazing.”

Elowyn, who has been swimming for as long as she can remember, has already mastered the art of balancing her swimming commitments alongside her school work.

She said: “I swim five times a week and don’t often get a break. It’s quite manic. On the days I don’t swim I have to do all my homework so it’s quite hard to find time to relax.”

Elowyn did once consider giving up swimming but is grateful she stuck at it and is now focused on excelling in the pool for years to come.

“I’ve always wanted to go to an international event, maybe even the Paralympics.

“I know I’m getting way ahead of myself. But I’ve been told that swimming at the level I am and working the way I am might help me get there.”