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Complaints made over school run 'chaos' outside Ryvers Primary

James Hockaday

James Hockaday

Complaints of swearing parents flinging ‘faeces filled’ nappies into gardens near Ryvers Primary School have been made by a resident who says she is sick of school run ‘chaos’.

Sharon O’Reilly from Gosling Road says parents regularly park on zebra crossings and driveways in roads around the Trelawney Avenue school.

She said: “The chaos around our road and the school is absolutely appalling.”

She says children often walk in the road because cars take up the whole pavement.

“There’s going to be a fatality there,” she added.

The locksmith claims residents’ cars have been damaged and parents have even disposed of rubbish and nappies ‘filled with faeces’ in people’s gardens.

“Having to pick up other children’s faeces, because they won’t have dirty nappies in their cars, that’s alright we’ll just have them in our gardens,” Ms O’Reilly added.

She also claims she has been sworn at by parents when confronting them about parking.

The former school governor resigned on Friday, February 3, after a meeting between residents, police, councillors and school staff because she felt nothing was being done.

She added: “It’s a big problem but nobody takes ownership of it.”

The 53-year-old has called for a gate by the school’s playground to be opened to allow parents to drop their children off in the school.

Councillor Preston Brooker (Lab, Langley Kedermister) said residents were 'kicking off' at the last meeting and that the meetings will not be held anymore.

In December the school closed its gate on Gosling Road for a week to see how it would impact traffic. Following a consultation, Slough Borough Council is considering parking restrictions in Gosling Road.

School headteacher Amanda Fell said: “Ryvers, like many schools in Slough and across the country, has a huge issue with parking at drop off and pick up.

“Ryvers has been working with local residents, the council and the police since June 2016 to try and resolve inconsiderate parking.”

The school has put up considerate parking banners outside, has sent letters to parents asking them to park considerately and has named and shamed parents in school newsletters.

The headteacher says the school has considered using the school playground as a drop off point but said it did not have enough in its budget for it.


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