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Cabinet member defends council leader over explicit video allegation

Sexual harassment allegations against the leader of Slough Borough Council (SBC) have been dismissed by a member of his cabinet.

Council leader Cllr Sohail Munawar was suspended from the Labour Party on Friday, November 3, over an ongoing investigation into sexual harassment and bullying allegations.

He is alleged to have sent an explicit video to a number of party members over WhatsApp which the Express understands involved a cucumber.

However SBC’s cabinet member for children, education and families, Cllr Madhuri Bedi (Lab, Foxborough), says the video was sent by accident and was not pornographic.

“What’s going on is very, very unfair,” she said.

“He opened it and straight away it went to all his contacts.”

Cllr Bedi suggested this could have been the result of a virus.

“He sent everybody a text to say 'really sorry, please don’t open this'.”

She said the video, which she received, was of a doctor removing a cucumber from someone’s anus.

“It was a bit distasteful but it was by no means pornographic,” she added.

She said the clip was sent on a personal mobile phone and not a council one.

Cllr Munawar was unavailable for comment.


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  • Stranger

    19:07, 21 November 2017

    So the image was of a medical procedure, not pornographic in the slightest, and was accidentally distributed to the Whatsapp group by opening an unknown link. These facts render all of the allegations recently made on a certain notorious councillor's website, and here in the comments section in the Slough Express, defamatory. I wonder how long now before that infamous troll's pseudonymous friends (the 'never weres' and party-hoppers, BNP wannabes, etc.) distance himself from him and his latest HARRASSING outburst... He even mentioned sending the offending images to Munawar's mother and sister. It seems there is a pattern of behaviour at work here. Ruth Bagley was a victim of something very similar, and the matter will very soon be back in Munawar's hands. Not sure what I would do in his shoes, but I would probably pursue it to its conclusion. The internet isn't just another tool to harrass whoever happens to be the current council leader, mister...



    • Sophie Wright

      22:10, 22 November 2017

      Really Stranger? For what legitimate purpose might the leader of the council have a video of a 'medical procedure' on his mobile phone? Perhaps the council intends to introduce a new service to the residents of Slough. Perhaps he has carried out some market research and found that vegetables wedged in delicate places are a pressing concern for the people of the town. If that is the case, the good leader deserves an apology. If not, Councillor Munawar must cease defending the indefensible and do the right thing.



  • Sophie Wright

    17:05, 21 November 2017

    Are these people capable of seeing themselves as the rest of us see them? They mindset is so far removed from decent people they are incapable of seeing how sleazy they actually are. Surely Councillor Bedi must realise that her graphic description of what was in this video in no way mitigates the sordid and serious nature of the allegations. It does completely the opposite and leaves us to question her own moral values.



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