'Shocking' number of air pollution related deaths in Slough prompts new strategy

A ‘shocking’ number of air pollution related deaths in the borough has prompted Slough Borough Council (SBC) to adopt a new strategy to deal with the problem.

Slough has almost double the number of premature deaths related to air pollution than the rest of the South-east, with an equivalent of 714 years of life needlessly lost.

The town has four areas where air quality breaches limits and a fifth is likely to follow.

A low emissions strategy is being developed by the council, which will be at the forefront of a campaign aiming to give Slough a cleaner, greener and sustainable future.

The strategy will target reductions in vehicle emissions through accelerating the uptake of cleaner technologies and vehicles, and will raise awareness of the devastating impact vehicle emissions can have on health.

SBC will commission a feasibility study into creating a Clean Air Zone, which would seek to improve the emissions of buses, taxis and freight vehicles by encouraging the take-up of ultra-low emission vehicles.

Cabinet member for environment and leisure Cllr Rob Anderson (Lab, Britwell) said: “It’s shocking that Slough has almost double the rate of premature deaths due to bad air quality as the rest of the South East.

“Quite clearly cleaning up our environment is something we can no longer put off to tomorrow, we must take action now.

“It’s now firmly a priority for this council to create a cleaner, greener and sustainable Slough, and in doing so we can begin to claw back some of the 714 years of life heartbreakingly lost every year as a result of bad air quality.”

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  • Honestjim

    09:37, 22 October 2018

    Pollution policy that doesn’t include Heathrow. Slough will continue to be a place you work and die an early death. Born a third wexham Park hospital, work TIL you drop on slough estate, get buried at slough cementry. It’s a cycle they want you to continue again through the generations and trust me slough Council don’t care about you at all.



  • Stranger

    16:54, 11 December 2017

    Untrammeled population increase, increased air traffic, a new airport runway, and suddenly there's a "public health" agenda to blame privately owned and operated road vehicles. What a surprise. What is this corrupt Council doing, by allowing the building of new flats and apartments everywhere without upgrading ANY infrastructure at all? The end result of this population explosion is that the quality of life for ordinary people is reduced, and all of a sudden we're no longer allowed to continue to run our vehicles. The production of a single 'low emissions' vehicle produces 10 years' worth of an older vehicle's waste and pollution. Scrapping older vehicles also causes waste and pollution. The bottom line is, the intended effect of these measures are to price riff-raff (most of us) off the road, and save them empty and free for the rich and privileged. Besides which, never mind the pressure on schools, hospitals, sewers, etc. Just scapegoat private car owners, slowing down road traffic and narrowing roads (which increases pollution by keeping cars idling at a standstill, give all the flats and apartment contracts to Morgan Sindall and councillors' dodgy friends, and keep the brown paper bags coming, eh? What an absolute dump. Zero quality of life, and we're not even going to be allowed the pleasure of internal combustion engines any more. "Won't someone think of the children?" became the rallying cry of a once proud and industrious nation. Industriousness long gone. What a joke



    • be_ transparent

      22:17, 11 December 2017

      According to Slough Councils own diagram, the three main arteries of emissions in Slough are :- the M4, the A4 and the railway. This of course seems to sideline other causes on the Slough trading estate, Heathrow airport etc. As the railway is undergoing electrification, this will move the railway emissions out of Slough town centre and I presume will eliminate one of the three main pollution areas in Slough according to the councils own diagram. So why the huge rush to implement this strategy when the pollution picture is to change dramatically ? Is it because the 'Clean Air Zone' will be enforced by the yellow digital traffic cameras that have been popping up around the edges of town, and this project is going to be used as the Trojan horse to implement the real goal - congestion charging in Slough. The council knows no-one in Slough wants congestion charging so have they come up with a way to get there without us realising whats going on ?



  • be_ transparent

    11:13, 11 December 2017

    The council presides over the official population of Slough spiralling out of control, and then discovers that there are not enough doctors in the town and no-one can get a GP appointment, there is a shortage of school places for children and a shortage of quality housing and land to build it on, and congestion on the roads. Who would have thought ?? No - news just in, the cars at a standstill on the congested roads in Slough are causing pollution so we have an air quality 'shock'. Really ?? The council fat cats (well the ones that haven't 'retired' already on fat secret payoffs anyway) need to get their acts together and do some long term planning that is across the whole of public service instead of playing whack-a-mole policy games.



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