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Jury hears about drug dealing row in Salt Hill murder trial

A court has heard how a drug dealer accused of a murder in Salt Hill Park was summoned to the skate park and quizzed on his dealing before tensions escalated.

As he celebrated his 24th birthday, Ismail ‘Izzy’ Mohammed was stabbed during a dispute about drug dealing on July 10, and died in hospital three weeks later.

Another man, who was stabbed as he fled towards the A4 Bath Road, gave evidence in Reading Crown Court today. 

Rick Musaba, of Rolt Street, Lewisham, London, Oladapo Obadare, 25, and Ryan Fuller-Bent, 20, both of no fixed address have been charged with Mr Mohammed’s murder and face a joint charge of wounding with intent concerning an attack on the other man.

The stab victim told the court that during a drinking session in the skate park, the three defendants approached the group at about 2am.

He said Obadare, identifying as ‘Jay Jay’, was being aggressive and speaking in ‘street talk’, while another man illuminated the group with his phone’s torch.

The witness said Obadare and an accomplice were holding their hands behind their backs, giving the impression they had weapons at the ready.

The court heard how Obadare asked ‘who’s shotting to my bisad?’ — ‘shotting’ being street slang for drug dealing and bisad a Somali term.

He described Mr Mohammed as ‘the calm guy’ who tried to reason with Obadare before the stabbing.

The witness said he threw a bottle at the three men as he made his getaway, prompting Mr Obadare to order his accomplices to chase him.

During cross examination, the man denied any knowledge of his friends drug dealing or that a knife was placed in his backpack prior to the clash.

“You knew full well your friends were drug dealing,” suggested Tana Adkin, defending Obadare.

The defence argues that rather than confronting Mr Mohammed’s group, Obadare was seen dealing drugs by a tree near the skate park, and was summoned over to the group and asked the same question — 'who’s shotting to my bisad?'

“It was Izzy who was being aggressive, this is not something that was unknown, and the other man [Obadare] was being calm,” added Ms Adkin.

The witness was quizzed over his initial reluctance to talk to police, considering he and his friend had been stabbed.

He denied the defence’s assertions that he had been ‘covering up’ his friends’ drug dealing ventures and that Mr Mohammed produced a knife, and was impaled during a struggle, after Obadare disarmed him.

The trial continues.


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