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VIDEO: Worker tells Muslim from Slough to 'f*** off back to his own country'

WARNING: This video contains strong and offensive language.

A video has emerged of waste management worker telling a Muslim man to ‘f*** off back to his own country’ during a parking dispute in Slough.

The video was taken yesterday morning (Monday) by Muhammad Al-Kabi, of Sumburgh Way, during a confrontation over vehicles being blocked on the road.

The clip shows a man working for Tardis Environmental UK arguing with a woman wearing a Hijab about her having finished using jump leads to start a neighbours car.

Mr Al-Kabi, who was filming the worker’s face, was then told ‘f*** off back to your own country’, which the worker later repeats.

In response, Mr Al-Kabi laughs at the man and asks him if he is in UKIP, the BNP or the EDL.

As the row ensues, the worker then accuses Mr Al-Kabi of being a ‘paedo’ for filming him because he was ‘only 18’.

As the man gets into his lorry and reverses, the video shows him opening the window and spitting at Mr Al-Kabi.

After the dispute, Mr Al-Kabi told the Express: “He’s representing the company, he’s got a uniform and he thinks he can just talk to someone the way he wants.

“He doesn’t know me from Adam, he doesn’t know that I was born here. I was born down the road.”

While the 33-year-old initially laughed the confrontation off, he says the shock hit him after re-watching the video and says his neighbour was ‘very distressed’ after the ordeal.

Responding to the video, which was shared on social media, Tardis Environmental said: “The company’s position with regards to this driver’s actions is very clear. We will not tolerate this type of disgusting behaviour and the driver in question will be dealt with accordingly.

“Our HR team are following the relevant employment investigation protocols.

“On behalf of Tardis Environmental we apologise to the parties concerned — for this driver’s renegade actions.”

Thames Valley Police said they are investigating an alleged racially aggravated public order offence in Sumburgh Way, Slough on Monday,

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident are asked to call police on 101, quoting reference 43180292352.


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  • Honestjim

    10:10, 06 October 2018

    All racism is bad, or so it would seem. Apart from if you’re a Wexham Parish Councillor, then it’s okay to send a message to fellow Muslim councillors saying that “we need to control the whites”. She still has her job and her position. She is also being lined up to join Slough Borough Council by leader James Swindlehurst. Imagine if a Jewish or Catholic person had said the same words, what do you think would have happened. The police response was to ignore it completely. We have learned nothing from Rotherham



  • Stranger

    03:03, 30 September 2018

    Someone simply saying mean things in a video cut to the selected portion of inflammatory speech is not newsworthy. It belongs on Youtube for people to react, etc. As a person of Asian origin who was also born 'down the road' I can think of a million things more important than a racist mouthing off at a hysterically giggling chav.



  • Paludian

    11:11, 28 September 2018

    Has it now become a function of the Slough Express to publish pro-islamist propaganda without question? Even the most cursory perusal of the twitter account used to disseminate this stuff shows it to be a hotbed of anti-Jewish and anti-Western bile, garnished with a sprinkling of premeditated videos depicting the reaction of various people to (edited out) provocation. True journalism should investigate and inform, and not allow itself to be used as a mouthpiece for propagandists.



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