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Management hits back after Herbies Pizza in Farnham Road re-opens following cockroach closure

The management of Herbies Pizza in Farnham Road has hit back at claims that a cockroach infestation was ‘serious’ after the restaurant was temporarily shut on Friday.

Environmental health officers from Slough Borough Council (SBC) served a Food Hygiene Prohibition Notice due to the infestation, temporarily closing the business.

Food and safety officers have visited the site for the past few days to monitor the situation and were satisfied following a visit on Tuesday that there was no longer a health risk.

The eatery has been allowed to reopen and start trading again.

However the management of Herbies Pizza have disputed SBC’s statements and a tweet saying the infestation was ‘serious’ and ‘massive’.

A spokeswoman for the branch said there was ‘a very small patch’ of cockroaches, which was already being taken care of by pest controllers at the time of the inspection.

“It was not massive like the headlines have made out,” she added.

She said that the management tries to keep the back alley by the restaurant ‘perfect and ideal’.

“Unfortunately things have just become a bit out of hand because of the trading that’s going on out there,” she added.

“To me it was definitely what you would call one of those natural disasters. Unfortunately these things do happen and it can happen to the best of us.”

She said that this was the first time something like this has happened during the 15 years of the owner’s trading.

“They [the owners] have a history of cleanliness they have a history of good customer service. We feel we’ve lost the trust of loyal customers.”

She hit back at comments on social media slamming the restaurant’s cleanliness and said she wanted people to know that their food has ‘not come from a dirty place’.

SBC’s environmental health team said: “The infestation was serious because it posed an imminent risk to health at the time of the closure — it is the risk to health that is the important element.”

A spokeswoman from the council said: “We’re delighted the business operators have taken appropriate action to allow the business to reopen as soon as possible.

“Our officers will continue to work with the business to ensure suitable standards are maintained.”

On Tuesday, Slough Magistrates’ Court issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order, which effectively confirms the action taken by council officers last week.

A spokesman from Herbies Pizza UK's head office said: “The management team are deeply saddened and apologetic for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers.

“However the store has always maintained an impeccable standard of cleanliness and hygiene for over 35 years. We can assure you that once Herbies management felt action was necessary the appropriate steps were taken.”

He said reports from the council following its inspection said there was 'a light infestation'.

“We encourage all the local business who operate on this parade, to work together to keep the front and back communal areas as clean as possible," he added.

“Once again we always endeavour to maintain our high reputation, and we are glad the matter has been dealt with, the store has now reopened for business, and been given a clean bill of health.”


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  • Stranger

    00:43, 09 November 2018

    So, to sum up their argument, the number of cockroaches was within acceptable limits. A "light infestation". Shameless... I hate to think what kind of kitchens they have at home, but the public requires exactly ZERO cockroaches if you're selling food. ZERO. If you have cockroaches in your restaurant, eat them yourself.



    • Troy_juan

      02:11, 12 November 2018

      What do you know about business there are many other restaurants that have Rats and cockroaches running around. And what you on about you probably have some ants or cockroaches running around you're house. Why don't you have a try at eating some yourself. Probably good for your taste :)



      • Stranger

        18:23, 12 November 2018

        No there aren't! It was just your restaurant AND you were caught in the act by officials! You had an INFESTATION of cockroaches. Nice PR btw, defending being caught with a RAT INFESTATION by saying it's OK, "many other" restaurants have rats and cockroaches running about. Let's see if you have any balls. Declare your interest/connection in Herbies Pizza Farnham Road. Come on, let's see if you have any guts or balls at all. Are you a manager/franchisee?? What's your full name. I'll interview you if you like so you can get your full story out to the world. I'll give you a hand and a couple of reviews pointing to this article too.



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