Mockingbird Programme for foster carers adopted by Slough Children's Services Trust

A programme offering extra support to the borough’s foster carers has been launched by the Slough Children’s Services Trust.

The Mockingbird Programme, which is offered by fewer than 20 organisations nationwide, was officially launched on Friday, November 9 at Arbour Park Stadium.

Using an extended family model, it works by building a supportive community around foster carers, empowering them to take on the role of an extended family.

This extra support is designed to help foster carers better meed the needs of the children and young people in their care.

Within the model are constellations, each made up of six-to-10 foster families and a central hub home carer who provides respite care, peer support, training and social activities.

Mockingbird empowers those within the constellation to support each other and overcome challenges together.

The model was originally developed by The Mockingbird Society in the United States but has since been introduced to the UK by The Fostering Network charity.

Nancy Magon, who led the development of Mockingbird in the borough said: “We’re really excited to be bringing Mockingbird to Slough and are convinced it will make a big difference to our foster carers, providing them with access to much greater support.

“This will work alongside a range of other support we provide including training, out of hours service and social events.

“We are lucky to have a terrific group of foster carers, who provide loving, nurturing homes to some of Slough’s more vulnerable children.”

Visit or contact the trust’s fostering team on 0800 0730 291 or for more information.


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