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MP Tan Dhesi says Slough could be UK's first 'Town of Culture'

Could Slough become the UK’s first official Town of Culture? MP for Slough Tan Dhesi certainly thinks so, after speaking at a debate in Parliament.

Mr Dhesi spoke at a Westminster Hall debate on Wednesday, proposing a Town of Culture award to run alongside the UK City of Culture award.

A group of Labour Party MPs from across the country, have written to Jeremy Wright, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, to ask him to consider the proposal.

They point out that the City of Culture award has helped attract investment and boosted the economies of cities which have won the title.

The 22 MPs say that while towns are not exempt from applying for the title, only one town has made the shortlist previously,  and small towns would struggle to compete with major cities in a resource intensive bidding process.

Addressing parliamentary colleagues, Mr Dhesi said that Slough had moved on from the days of John Betjeman’s famous poem on the town.

“We want no friendly bombs, there is grass for cows to graze, we do not just eat tinned food and it is certainly fit for humans now.

"We are keen to show that we have a lot more than just David Brent and The Office to offer.

“Slough is a fantastic, diverse cultural melting pot and now it has become a major business, creative and cultural powerhouse, with Pinewood Studios right on our doorstep.

“A lot of people from Slough are working there, contributing to our national culture and increasing out collective national pride in our country.

He praised the annual Slough Youth Awards which he says exemplifies ‘the magnificent creativity’ of the borough’s young people.

“I think our town would do very well if we were competing with other towns up and down the country.

“About 70 per cent of Arts Council national portfolio theatre grants awarded in 2015 to 2018 went to cities, with a pitiful 12 per cent awarded to towns.

“The current scenario is not good enough; our towns are being left behind.”

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  • TheDoctor

    12:12, 15 March 2019

    Slough is not the 'first town of culture', it is merely being taken over by different cultures who do not necessarily wish to abide by British values, tradition and heritage. Many towns and cities across the country are also being drastically affected by mass uncontrolled immigration/migration which is bringing not only wages down, but living standards also. Unfortunately, with the current spineless Government politicians, from both major Parties, the situation will only worsen



  • Stranger

    23:11, 29 January 2019

    Got to give him credit for applying what he studied (applied statistics). He owes his position to fraudulent postal votes, and blocked an investigation into the postal vote fraud prevalent in Slough. Then he sat back and did as little as possible. If anyone actually voted for this guy and is involved in business in Slough, make sure you watch Tan Dhesi's abysmal questioning of Mike Ashfield (Sports Direct). Search for it on Youtube. Tan Dhesi appears to know nothing and do nothing but sit there. And the worst of it is, he not only gets in nonexistent postal votes, he gets paid £78K per annum plus expenses to write drivel like 'Slough is a diverse cultural melting pot'. Maybe his comments are an attempt to explain what happened to his ability to cognise, think and understand the real world of work and business. Did his brain fall into the pot?



  • Skippy

    16:04, 27 January 2019

    A disappointing MP in terms of communication. Fiona Mactaggart always managed to reply to my letters or emails. I only get automated reply emails from Tan Dhesi. I might as well not have an MP!



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