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Slough's Debenhams branch expected to close as part of nationwide restructuring

Debenhams has announced its Slough store will shut next year as part of nationwide planned store closures.

The retailer said this morning it expects to close up to 22 shops in 2020, including the branch in Slough High Street, with 1200 staff likely to be affected across the country.

The move forms part of the company’s plan to close 50 stores in a bid to ensure its financial future.

Terry Duddy, executive chairman of Debenhams, said: “The issues facing the UK high street are very well known.

“Debenhams has a clear strategy and a bright future, but in order for the business to prosper, we need to restructure the group’s store portfolio and its balance sheet, which are not appropriate for today’s much-changed retail environment.

“Our priority is to save as many stores and as many jobs as we can, while making business fit for the future.”

All stores identified for closure are proposed to stay open this year, including through the Christmas period.


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  • SpeakasIfind

    12:12, 30 April 2019

    Can someone tell me what is the point of having a High Street in Slough? Whoever is responsible for Slough High Street needs sacking. Slough Shopping centre has become a joke - The Queensmere looks more like an indoor market than a modern shopping centre. I walked through the Queensmere the other day - it was like a ghost town! Why has this been allowed to happen?!



  • be_ transparent

    11:11, 26 April 2019

    Haven't heard much about this and other store closures from the council officer responsible for high street regeneration, and no three market stalls in the high street one bank holiday weekend does not constitute a "fantastic international market' either. Clearly all high streets are under pressure, but being alternately collared by sales people, chuggers and moving past alcoholics and petty criminals and past the swelling queues of people up for a free meal and on to the youths standing around with their thick hoodies on their head over their peaked caps pulled down despite it being baking hot and on to a man openly urinating at a bus stop during the day I think I can see the council have yet to work out what needs to change in Slough High Street and the surrounding area. Of course, I am quite sure while this shower continues the council officer responsible is still collecting their salary despite this abject failure, paid for out of our hard earned wages !!!!



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