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Slough Borough Council secures funding to monitor vehicle emissions near schools

Almost £100,000 of funding has been given to Slough Borough Council (SBC) to monitor car pollution levels near schools in the borough.

A year-long research programme will begin this summer, with technology sensors placed in strategic positions outside three schools in the area.

The council was one of 28 local authority projects handed money by the Government to investigate nitrogen dioxide, NO2, pollution.

The results will be used to better understand the impact that idling vehicles have on air quality.

Cllr Rob Anderson (Lab, Britwell and Northborough) said: “The project will focus on nitrogen dioxide emissions originating from idling vehicles and congestion around three schools, to produce an evidence base from which implementation of sustainable travel measures can be used to encourage behavioural change.”

Last September, the council approved a new Low Emission Strategy (LES) which aims to combat air pollution and prevent health problems and premature deaths in the borough.

This followed the publication of a report that said in 2016/17 47 deaths and 559 life years lost in Slough could be attributed to air pollution.

Cllr Anderson added: “One of the key objectives within Slough’s five year plan is to protect the livelihood and wellbeing of children.

“As the health impacts related to poor air quality are becoming more apparent, the need to monitor the impact of vehicle emissions outside of schools is increasing.

“We want to improve air quality everywhere but outside schools is an obvious place to start.

“We must show people what damage they are doing to their own children outside all schools but this will enable us to identify the worst cases and take extra measures for local communities.”

The location of the sensors are yet to be decided.


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  • SpeakasIfind

    13:01, 03 June 2019

    Every morning I drive past the new Claycots School on the Bath Road. Every morning without fail I see cars parked either on the kerb or in the Bus Stop itself. I have seen the Buses having to stop on the Bath Road - causing more problems. What is the school doing about this? Parents need to follow the rules -the same as everyone else. They are the ones causing the pollution problems.



    • be_ transparent

      16:04, 03 June 2019

      The Parents are causing the problems through poor parking - but the root cause is the council for not insisting on sufficient parking and drop-off areas for public buildings. Council public planning idiocy.



  • be_ transparent

    08:08, 29 May 2019

    So the council is going to spend £100,000 of our money to study in detail something that’s completely obvious - if as a council you refuse to provide sensible parking or drop off options at schools or small catchment areas chaos ensues. The school run is a major cause of traffic congestion in Slough, but yet the council continues to build housing without sufficient road capacity or doctors in surgeries, or any corequisite infrastructure requirements for that matter. Herschel Road Medical centre used to have all its consulting rooms full, now they are mainly empty - why is that ? It’s simply a case of not joining the dots in public planning. As for ‘encouraging behavioural change’ and ‘taking extra measures’ - very 1984 by the way - I take it you will start by banning council employees from driving to work before you wreck ordinary people’s lives by introducing tolls ? No, thought not - total hypocrites !!!



  • Skippy

    01:01, 29 May 2019

    A minority of parents are extremely inconsiderate sitting in their cars near the school gates idling engines for a quick getaway or cover story just in case traffic enforcement turn up, or it's hot/cold and they want to sit in their cars tapping on their phones with the aircon/heating on. I have my own pollution meter and tend to find the morning walk to school is more polluted than the afternoon school walk. In the last 10 minutes before 9am and it's not unusual for parents to risk parking on the yellow zig zags because the restriction ends at 9am. More traffic enforcement in Cippenham please.



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