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Brexit preparation plan drawn up by Slough Borough Council chief executive

David Lee

A 50-point Brexit preparation plan has been drawn up by Slough Borough Council’s chief executive.

Josie Wragg said the list aims to prepare the borough for the impact locally of leaving the EU.

A cross-department council Brexit steering group has been set up which has pinpointed areas that could be ‘high risk’ if the UK separates from the political and economic union as planned on October 31. They include import and export controls, EU settlement support and the impact on growth and regeneration proposals.

A council trading standards officer is now also working part-time at a new inland pre-clearance depot near Heathrow Airport alongside HMRC and the UK Border Force to check product safety of imported goods.

The chief executive said the council will support local businesses that could be affected by import and export controls and potential material and product shortages.

Plans are also in place to bid for ‘no-deal’ and ‘post-Brexit’ funding to support businesses in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement.


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  • Stranger

    14:57, 23 August 2019

    Reminds me of the preparations for the year 2000. All the computers, satellites and phones would stop working overnight on Jan 1 2000, they said. Therefore it was vitally important to funnel public money over to their mates running a "year 2000 readiness" IT firm. Remember that one? The world would come to an end on 1 Jan 2000 unless an IT firm hastily set up by a councillor's mate was paid £nnnnnn to mark off a tickbox. Of course, the year 2000 came around and nothing happened, but no money was returned. I hope Morgan Sindell has sufficient advance notice to start a new "post-Brexit food inspection" business right now, to make things easier for their mates at SBC to funnel public money over to them to make these "vital" preparations. I hear that French Riviera holidays will cost even more next year, so better grease a few palms, eh.



  • be_ transparent

    14:39, 23 August 2019

    This article is liberally sprinkled with the word ‘could’. In other words it’s all complete speculation. The article might as well been re-written as ‘SBC is prepared to help business that could be affected by alien spaceships landing in Slough ....’ Of course there is nothing wrong with having a plan in all eventualities and being prepared. I note that SBC appears to be doing no planning and preparation for the positive opportunities and upsides that ‘could’ happen after Brexit on October 31. So why publicise a broadly negative news story instead of a balanced one ?



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