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Slough MP Tan Dhesi calls on Prime Minister to apologise for 'derogatory and racist remarks'

Slough MP Tan Dhesi has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to apologise for ‘derogatory and racist remarks’ made against burqa-wearing Muslim women.

Mr Johnson wrote in a national newspaper column last year that it was ‘absolutely ridiculous people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes’.

His remarks faced criticism, with campaign group Tell MAMA claiming the comments led to a spike in anti-Muslim incidents, with 38 reports made the following week.

Slough’s Labour MP received applause from his colleagues as he called on Mr Johnson to apologise during Prime Minister’s Questions today.

Mr Dhesi told the House of Commons: “For those of us who from a young age have had to endure and face up to being called names such as ‘towel head’, or ‘Taliban’ or ‘coming from ‘bongo bongo land’ we can appreciate full well the hurt and pain felt by already vulnerable Muslim women when they are described as looking like bank robbers and letter boxes.

“Rather than hide behind sham and whitewash investigations when will the Prime Minister finally apologise for his derogatory and racist remarks which have led to a spike in hate crime?”

He also asked the Prime Minister when he planned on launching an inquiry into alleged Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

The Prime Minister responded by saying his comments were a ‘strong liberal defence’ of everyone’s right to wear what they want in the UK.

He said: “I’m proud to say that under this Government we have the most diverse cabinet in the history of this country and we truly reflect modern Britain and Mr Speaker, what we have yet to hear from any of the Labour Party is any hint of apology for the virus of anti-Semitism which is now rampant in their ranks.”

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  • Seychelles

    13:44, 07 September 2019

    Worry About the slough high street it’s falling apart



  • Stranger

    17:14, 04 September 2019

    I saw the rant/outburst footage. What he lacks in sincerity he attempts to make up for in pretend-anger. Playing the brown-man card (I am one, but I don't play cards) and only succeeding in reinforcing negative stereotypes about us being emotional rather than rational. Full of impotent rage and fury signifying nothing, he relays his anecdotes about someone calling him bad names once and him getting his feelings hurt as a kid. Hardly a survivor of the concentration camps, is he? Nor a Rodney King... He's someone who benefited a hundred times over from all the opportunities available to him in this country. Once more though, he goes back to his statistics, and it's rather unfortunate he chose to play it this way, as it does cast some light upon the way he sees that large portion of his constituents he sought to appease. On the subject of ACTUAL victims of prejudice and racism, it is notable that he has had NOTHING to say about antisemitism in his party. He just takes a single newspaper article out of context, misquoting it, and tries to take cheap political potshots, which says a lot about his lack of character and his detachment from the younger and more educated denizens on Slough (who can actually read and who aren't impressed by shouty finger-pointing rageouts in the style of the Indian/Pakistani parliaments). He treats his constituents like 1st gen aunties and uncles, as doesn't think anyone who uses their brain actually matters. Smoke and mirrors like a 3rd-rate clown.



  • be_ transparent

    14:49, 04 September 2019

    Article should be re-written as ‘Slough MP shamelessly seeks to promote himself instead of representing his majority Brexit voting constituency’



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