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Political parties announce candidates for Slough ahead of potential General Election

Political parties have been continuing their preparations for a potential General Election by announcing their candidates for Slough.

An election could take place before the end of the year as the UK’s prolonged departure from the European Union continues.

Labour MP Tan Dhesi has represented the town since June 2017 and is expected to stand for re-election.

The Slough Conservative Association has selected Kanwal Toor as its candidate for the constituency.

The party, which secured 31.6 per cent of the vote two years ago, said its candidate will attempt to secure ‘real investment in policing’ to reduce crime and lobby for High Street regeneration.

Aaron Chahal has been chosen as the candidate for the Slough Liberal Democrats.

The 24-year-old said: “Our nation’s future will be uncertain with either flip-flopping Jeremy Corbyn or untrustworthy Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister.

“However under Jo Swinson’s leadership Liberal Democrats are determined to stop Brexit because we are stronger remaining as members of the European Union.”  

Sports agent Vishal Khatri will stand as the prospective parliamentary candidate for The Brexit Party.

He pledged to deliver on the promises made to the UK in 2016 when the public voted to leave the European Union.

“I trade in the West Indies, South Africa, Australia, everywhere, and there’s so much out there, so much opportunity for us to grow further as a nation,” Mr Khatri said.

Any other parties planning to stand can email with details.

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  • Stranger

    13:59, 09 October 2019

    In recent years, I've worked in Slough schools. They tend to have no moral direction or discipline in them whatsoever. It's all about "empowerment" these days. In one case, booming "drill" music was being practised and rehearsed by pupils for some sort of assembly. When I asked whether the children who were interested in this so-called "music" were taught music theory or an instrument, the answer was, "of course not". Why does this matter? Drill music glorifies stabbings, drugs, all sorts of crimes and violence. It's being allowed free pass as an expression of "multiculturalism", but it's far from that. If you don't know what "drill" music is, look it up. So when you vote for the same party and the same policies all the time, and wonder why there's a stabbing every couple of days, just ask yourself what all these schools, academies and colleges are teaching. Socialism at your door - you voted for it.



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